Sara Ouassari

Aspiring Mental Health Counselor

My name is Sara Ouassari, I’m a polyglot full time mental health counseling student at the University of South Florida and helping people find healing, acceptance, and peace by bringing logic to emotions is one of my passions.

I started my journey to become a counselor during my first semester of college. I enrolled in a psychology class, and subsequently, found my passion. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with my Clinical Psychology bachelor’s in science degree in 2020. However, I quickly realized that I was eager to do more. I applied to graduate school and was accepted to the University of South Florida’s Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program. I am currently in my second year of the program and along with my Mental Health Counseling masters I have obtained my Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate. I have reached the point in my graduate program where I can see clients and apply my learned knowledge.

Since not everyone is the same, my goal in therapy is to tailor my approach to fit the needs of each client depending on their concerns and personalities in order to enhance the opportunity for insight and growth. I have a genuine interest in others, and I show that by listening to them, understanding where they come from and trying to help them come up with a solution. I am here to help YOU overcome challenges to help YOU feel better because you deserve to be happy.

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