Natasha Santaella, LMHC

All feelings are normal. It's what you DO with them that counts.

Life can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes, our feelings block our ability to reflect on important matters clearly. I work with children, adolescents and adults to help them learn how to cope through their feelings in healthy ways.

My approach to therapy comes from a place of empathy and non judgment. In sessions, I incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy to help you understand how your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all connected  as we work together towards finding solutions for the challenging moments you may be facing. I will help you find your personal strength while learning to navigate through the thoughts and feelings that get in the way; thus helping you move your life in a positive direction.

I began working with children and their families in education, long before I was a therapist. In 2012, I graduated from Barry University, a CACREP accredited program. Since then, I have acquired experience providing support in the areas of social and emotional awareness. My clinical work has focused on addressing issues such as trauma from sexual and physical abuse, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. I also teach positive parenting, coping skills, and how to build healthy boundaries. It is my belief that the key to success in therapy for children comes from knowing that they have their caretakers support. For this reason, I will usually work with parents and their children together to build off of their existing bond and make it stronger.

Our children are a reflection of us.

As parents, when we know how to manage our emotions the little people we are raising also benefit. Since they are always listening and observing us, this awareness helps us be the best version of ourselves. If you or your child struggle in any of the areas listed, then let's get started on making changes today that will make a great impact in your life.

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