Dr. Aida Dorsainville

A passion for helping

Dr. Dorsainville is a licensed psychologist in the state of Florida who has dedicated her studies on mental health to help even the most severely affected individuals with mental health issues. From psychological assessment and treatment with children and adolescents struggling with learning disabilities and disorders like Autism and Asperger’s Spectrum disorders to  working with individuals who had serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.  

She has done it all.  Her genuine concern for her clients’ well being has made her able to get through to individuals who have dealt with the criminal justice system, who were homeless and who had a substance abuse problem.

Today, her main focus is to perform competency evaluations for the Ninth Judicial Court in Central Florida, disability evaluations for veterans looking to increase their benefits, psychological evaluations for parents with a dependency case and psychoeducational assessments for the Vocational Rehabilitation Office.

She is the head clinician at MPS Mental Health clinic, supervises and coaches her team of highly skilled clinicians and shares with them her compassionate and inclusive approach to service the diverse community members of Central Florida.

Quick look

Name:Dr. Aida Dorsainville

Specialty:Forensic Psychology

Degree: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology


Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Specialization in Forensic Psychology

Competency to Proceed

Insanity Defense

Mitigating Factors

Veterans’ Disability Claims

Parental Capacity in Dependence Cases

Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluations

Immigration (Hardship, Asylum, VAWA, N-648)





Multilingual Psychological Services