Dacia Caglin, EdS, LMFT

MPS Dacia

Hi, my name is Dacia.

Making the decision to see a therapist is truly a courageous act. But, one that can open you up to freedom…freedom from sadness, anxiety, even crummy relationships.

I feel the client-therapist relationship is really a partnership. A partnership that can lead to new insights into what is working in your life and what could be sabotaging your “success”.

Let’s work together to really consider how you define success, to lift the “veil” so that you can achieve your highest potential, and recognize your worth.

You deserve to feel mastery over the areas of your life that now feels out of your control. I have twenty years of experience in psychotherapy.

Let’s put it to work for you!


Quick Look

Dacia CaglinName:                                                                       

Phone:  407- 494-3787

Speciality: Marriage and Family Therapy

Degree: Masters in Education, Specialist in Education      

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Masters in Education

Specialist in Education


Couple’s Counseling

Parent Coaching

Minority Issues

Women’s Issues

Multicultural Issues


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