Mental Health Roadmap

Often the symptoms of a psychological disorder are obvious, such as when a child experiences academic and social problems at school, or an adult struggles to maintain personal and professional relationships due to anger issues, but the cause of the problem is not always clear. Psychological testing and evaluation consists of a series of tests that help determine the cause of psychological symptoms and disorders, to determine the correct diagnosis and follow up with the appropriate course of treatment.

Caring for the mind is as important as caring for the body.

– Sid Garza-Hillman 

psychological testing evaluation Florida


Exploration of

  • Mental Health Disorders (depression, anxiety, suicide risk, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • Personality
  • Intelligence or IQ
  • Academic Performance (Learning Disability)
  • Memory
  • Attention


  • Activities and tasks that the client has to perform
  • Questionnaires that the client has to complete

Who is it for?

  • Children 6-18 years old
  • Adults

In general, psychological testings are used for: 

  • Schools (IEP, 504 plans)
  • Disability claims
  • Worker’s Compensation

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